Curriculum Vitae: Education & Courses

Leon Rijsdam

Leon Rijsdam

Front-end Developer
July 23, 1977

Part 1: Education & Courses


Mobile: +31 6 21 38 53 95
Email: [email protected]
Alternative Email: [email protected]



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In 2020 I took the opportunity to go back to school to specialize in one aspect of web development: Front-end. After a very insightful mental ability and personality assessment I was accepted as a student for the full-time Bachelor in Front-end Development at Winc Academy. I started in the class of March and finished at the end of April.

In 2021 I was offered the opportunity to continue with a Bachelor in Back-end Development, while working as a full time Web Developer at Zorgverkeer.

2021: Bachelor, Back-end Development, Winc Academy

In 2021 I successfully completed a Bachelor in Back-end Development focussing on Python, Flask, PeeWee, SQL, SQLite and DevOps.
April - June 2021 (3 months)
Winc Academy
+31 88 16 60 316

Python SQL Flask Deployment ORM Shell VPS APT NGINX GitHub Actions CI/CD

2020: Bachelor, Front-end Development, Winc Academy

Front-end Development with a focus on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript ES6+ and ReactJS (see Portfolio).
March - April 2020 (2 months)
Winc Academy
+31 88 16 60 316

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript ES6+ React JS Redux Jest

2021: Become a PHP Developer, LinkedIn Learning

My goal is to expand my knowledge of PHP to version 8 and learn the industry standard OOP and MVC design patterns to bring my skills to a professional and production level.
June - July 2021 (2 months)
LinkedIn Learning

PHP OOP MVC Frameworks

Currently Studying

I am continuously studying to gain new skills and broaden my knowledge by taking courses and writing web applications and sites in my spare time. I started the following two courses recently and I am learning more about WCAG 2.1 Compliance and Professional Scrum Developer Certification, but I haven’t started a specific course yet.


My goal is to build upon my current knowledge of Craft CMS gained in three projects at Redkiwi. I am currently working on designing and developing my portfolio website in Craft CMS following deployment on Servd Hosting.
Started July 2022

Craft CMS Twig


My goal is to gain additional knowledge and experience with the Tailwind CSS framework by designing and developing my new portfolio website using Craft CMS, Twig and Tailwind CSS.
Started July 2022

Tailwind CSS Craft CMS Twig


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