My portfolio consists of a number of assignments and projects that I developed during my education as a Front-end Developer and in my position as a Full Stack Web Application Developer. I have highlighted two projects on this page, namely a web application for healthcare providers and the final assignment for the Front-end Developer training.

2020 - 2021: Web Application for healthcare providers

This web application is developed in React JS, Node JS and Express JS (JavaScript with TypeScript). Because this application mainly works with privacy-sensitive information such as personal data, only screenshots are available, in which the personal data has been made unrecognizable. I am happy to explain the details about the application and its development if requested.

See an example of back-end code.

2020: Final assignment Front-end Development training

A live view of my version of the 'Student Dashboard' final project can be found here: Student Dashboard. Details about the graphical representation can be found further in this article. See also the repo on GitHub.

Read my report on this assignment, written in Dutch.