Hi! I’m Leon. Follow me on my journey into webdevelopment and coding!

I have lived on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee for almost 9 years and I am married to a real islander, Jessica. We recently moved to Ouddorp and are busy working on our new home.

After a fine career as a system administrator and software developer in the graphic industry, retail and media, as an employee and entrepreneur, last year I was offered the opportunity to specialize in an aspect of IT that really makes my heart beat faster: web development.

Leon & Jessica Rijsdam
Leon & Jessica Rijsdam

On April 29, 2020 I successfully completed a full-time remote training of 6 weeks in Front-end Web Development at Winc Academy. Part of the selection process was a mental ability test, which showed that I have HBO+ (Bachelor) work and thinking level. During the very intensive training I have experienced that I am able to process new information at a rapid pace and to learn new programming languages ​​and toolsEven before the certificate was awarded, I was able to start working in the role of a web developer as a brand new ‘junior’. The first project that I worked on independently is a full stack web application for healthcare providers active in Youth Care. I have now gained a year of experience in full stack development and I am ready for a new adventure!

In addition to JavaScript (ES6+) and ReactJS, I’ve gained experience with back-end development and I can work well with a range of front-end and back-end software and technology such as Alpine Linux, Auth0, Bash, Betty Blocks, CSS3, Docker, Express JS, Figma, Git, GitHub, HTML5, Keybase, MySQL, Node JS, Nova, NPM, Postman, Sketch, TypeScript, and Visual Studio Code. I’ve learned a great deal on programming Front-end and Back-end software, deploying web applications using Bash and Docker as well as working for a Startup.

From September 2021 to November 2022 I worked as a Front-end Developer at Redkiwi. Redkiwi is an ambitious digital agency where I’ve learned to work in Scrum teams for a wide range of clients, on new projects as well as further development on existing projects.