LinkedIn Learning Courses

I just finished the ‘Become a PHP Developer’ learning path from LinkedIn Learning (formerly The learning path consists of 12 courses and you can view the individual certificates below. After completing the learning path, I received the main certificate of completion.

The ‘PHP: Clean URL’s on Apache Server’ course was interesting. For instance the Regex patterns used to rewrite the incoming URL’s and how they resolve to local PHP files with optional GET query parameters added to the URL.

I followed the ‘PHP: Choosing a PHP Editor’ course and decided to stick with my IDE’s of choice: Visual Studio Code and Nova from Panic Inc.

After I finished the ‘Become a PHP Developer’ learning path, I decided to continue with the ‘Learn the OWASP top 10’ and ‘Master the OWASP top 10’ learning paths, which consists of 6 courses in total. In my opinion the OWASP top 10 is a base requirement and a first step to writing more secure code.



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